Last Production

Our favorite Band Selig
just released her a new Album produced and mixed in H.O.M.E.-Studios.
Listen to the preview!



By Selig
Release date:


Over the past few years we produced the albums you see below.
Be our guest.


Since 1998, Franz Plasa runs the H.O.M.E.-Studios in the middle of Hamburg/Germany. Over the years, it has been chosen as a trusted recording location by international artists like Mariah Carey, Eminem, Depeche Mode and others. The H.O.M.E.-Studios stand for a tradition of handmade recordings connected with state-of-the-art production tools. With his 40 years of experience, Franz Plasa feels privileged to work in specified recording rooms, constructed by renowned acoustician Wolfgang Jensen.
Today the H.O.M.E.-Studios grew to a collective studio complex, where different producers create their trademark productions:
Franz Plasa (Selig, Echt, Falco, Ripe & Ruin, The Esprits, BRETT)
Philipp Schwär (Fynn Kliemann, Yassin, Pohlmann, Mark Forster)
George Brenner (Ayo, Danergy, Zillinmuzik, Polina Vita)
Hannes Eils (The Masked Singer (Pro7),The Esprits, Big Performance (RTL), Linda Zervakis Gute Deutsche, Atlas Bird, LEGO)