Control Room 2 is larger than usual Control Rooms and thus perfect for working with a large number of persons, as is the case with songwriting. The heart of Control Room 2 is a SSL Duality. Two big Quested Speaker are built-in.


Recording Room 2 comprises a total area of 54 sqm. The room enables the possibility to work with controlled reflection and generates a really energetic acoustic.


The highlight is a large number of vintage amps, which are connected to control room 2. Those can be used as needed.


Both recording studios are directly connected to two 9 m³ tiled rooms. Those consist of enhanced tiles and mirrors with special acoustic properties and can be used in various ways.



SSL Duality 24 CH
Mulitrack / Hard Disk Recording:
Avid Pro Tools 10 & 11 Native with 24 inputs and 32 outputs



Sony SRS Z1
Yamaha NS10M
Auratone 5C Super
Roger Quested 215



dbx 160 (x2)
dbx 160x (x3)
Drawmer Dual Gate DS201B
Drawmer Quad Gate DS404
GML 8900 stereo compressor
Neve Prism Rack (x8)
SPL Kultube Stereo Compressor
SPL Transient Designer (x4)
Urei LA-3A (x2)


GML 8200 stereo EQ
Neve Prism Rack (x8)



EMT 245 Digital Reverb
Lexicon 224x Digital Reverb
Yamaha REV 7 Digital Reverb


Delays / Processors:

Bell Electronics Flanger
Lexicon PrimeTime II Model 95 Digital Delay
T.C Electronics ADA 1
T.C Electronics DSP 1
T.C Electronics M5000
T.C Electronics 2290 Digital Delay



C-LAB Time Machine