Studio 1 is the main recording and mix room, featuring an 80 channel SSL 9080J Series console in a Roger Quested-designed control room. If desired, two synchronized Studer A820 24track 2″ machines can be used for analog tape recording.


 Acoustic Pioneer Wolfgang Jensen took care for excellent acoustics to the 63 m³ recording room. The room is ideally suited for every kind of recording, in particular for live recording of bands.


Both recording studios are directly connected to two 9 m³ tiled rooms. Those consist of enhanced tiles and mirrors with special acoustic properties and can be used in various ways.



SSL 9080J series / 80 Channel console with Ultimation & Total Recall



Mulitrack / Hard Disk Recording:

Avid Pro Tools 10 & 11 Native with 32 inputs and 48 outputs
2x Studer A820 24CH Multichannel Recorder synced 48CH



Sony SRS Z1
Yamaha NS10M
KRK Expose E8B
Roger Quested 215



BSS DPR404 4 channel compressor
dbx 160 (x2)
dbx 160x (x2)
dbx 902 de-esser (x7)
dbx 904 compressor (x2)
GML 8900 stereo compressor
Joe Meek SC 2 compreossor
Neumann U473 compressor
Neve 33609/C stereo compressor
Ssl FX-G384 stereo compressor
SPL 4 Channel Transient Designer
Summit Audio DCL-200 stereo compressor
Summit Audio TLA-100A Leveling Amp
Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amp
Urei 1176 (x2)
Urei LA-3A (x2)


GML 8200 stereo EQ
Summit Audio EQF-100 (x2)
Tube-Tech ME 1A EQ
Tube-Tech PE 1B EQ
Neve 1093 Mic Pre (x2)



AMS RMX 16 Digital Reverb
EMT 245 Digital Reverb
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon 224x
Ursa Major Station SST-282 Digital Reverb
Yamaha SPX 1000 Digital Reverb
Yamaha SPX 90 II Digital Reverb


Delays / Processors:

AMS DM2.20 Phaser
AMS DMX15 Digital Delay (x2)
Bell Electronics Flanger
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synth
EMT 258 Noise Filter
Eventide H3000SE
Lexicon PrimeTime II Model 95 Digital Delay
Publison Fullmost Relief Enlarger
Publison Infernal Machine 90
T.C Electronics 1210
T.C Electronics 2290 Digital Delay
T.C. Electronics D-Two Digital Delay



C-LAB Time Machine
Adams Smith